Each of the following questions must be answered to process your application. If the question does not apply to your situation, respond N/A. If necessary, please attach an additional sheet to provide adequate space for your answers. Title the sheet "Funding Resources Addendum"? and restate the question before providing your answer.
Denomination / Organization of church (describe) *:
Please provide a brief biographical profile of your Senior Minister. (Include educational background and professional experience - secular and clerical.)*
Is your ministry supporting or supported by a local evangelistic association?
Association Contact Ph.
Please describe your manner of instructing Christian stewardship.
Students are sent to (College/University) for Christian vocational training.
Please describe your church's short-term and long-term goals.
Please describe all means of communicating this project to your congregation [i.e., information and/or approval (to date and projected)].
Explain usage of all funds applied for by this application.
Is there, or will there be, a fund raising program in conjunction with this project?
List current missions supported by your church:
Name Amount
List financially supported colleges and/or universities:
Name Amount
Does the church have para-church income (preschool, other churches renting facilities, etc.)?
If yes, please explain.
Does the church have investment income?
If yes, please explain source and expected longevity.
Have there been any unusual nonrecurring income or expense items in the past two years?
If yes, please explain.
Is your church's expense budget for this year greater than your income for last year?
Please explain the church's plan for achieving the budget.
Please describe any decrease in income (i.e. loss of rental income, decrease in outside gifts, etc.) that would come about if this project is completed.
The following items must be provided. Please indicate with a checkmark that each has been included in your package:
Articles of Incorporation and any amendments affecting name change
Three year's financial statements
Current year budget
Complete listing of ministry staff (List name, title, full or part time)
4 to 5 photos of subject property
Latest Sunday morning bulletin
Latest church newsletter
Evangelistic materials (brochures, flyers, tracts, etc.)
Site map
Plus any required documents requested in the Loan Application & Financial Statement