Our mission is to provide education, guidance, service and leadership to church leaders for the single purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God through our business, vocation and personal ministry.

High Tower Corporation principals combine more than 85 years of experience in Construction, Project Management, Finance and Design Engineering. The group has been assembled by our President and Founder, Jon Stevenson. Our common goal and purpose is to provide guidance, education, service and leadership to all Pastors, Priests, Clergy and other church leaders who are planning, or have already started, a church or religious use construction project.

Partnering with High Tower allows your people to:

  • Continue to do what they do best… minister to your congregation.
  • Become educated in the processes with organizational tools and team building skills necessary to deliver a successful project.
  • Shorten the learning curve of those religious leaders who may not necessarily be qualified to undertake the process alone.
  • Navigate through the sensitive task of funding and financing the project.
  • Deliver a completed project that meets your ministry’s needs and goals, on schedule and within budget.

Jon Stevenson – President
Founder and developer of the High Tower concept, it was Mr. Stevenson’s vision to create a company with the sole purpose of serving churches and their growth and expansion needs. Mr. Stevenson has more than 25 years of Mortgage Banking experience in commercial, residential and non-profit lending markets. He has more than 30 years of management experience owning and managing more then 10 companies, including a publicly traded company. He used all of these life experiences to form and manage the company he now presides over in order to best serve his clients and his calling.