High Tower agents are experts in both sides of the buying and selling process, from representing our clients who need to market and sell their property in a timely and efficient manner, to clients who are in search of the right new home for their school or church. For those looking to market their properties, it is advisable to use a firm that specializes in this very specific category of real estate. High Tower has a large network of prospective congregations who may be in need of property to fit their use. There are many “moving parts” when it comes to non-profit and religious land use, including many city, county and state laws and codes that may need to be considered from both sides. High Tower prides itself on guiding our clients through this process, while helping to prevent hurdles and obstacles down the road. We are also backed by an excellent legal team who specializes in religious land use.

To speak with an agent, or to consult with High Tower, please feel free to call 1-866-566-9101 or contact us here.