High Tower Energy knows the future of responsible energy production and consumption. Choosing clean renewable energy is not only the right thing to do in terms of protecting our environment and moving away from traditional dirty energy, but new technologies also create significant savings for property owners. Commercial Solar Energy installations are the way of the future for building owners. Here in the South West, we have approx. 300 days of sunshine each year that can provide us with the power we need at a much more cost effective rate than most of us are used to with traditional utilities. Their old monopoly is coming to an end.

High Tower will also consult on bringing energy costs down even further with other things, like the new generation of LED lighting to things like much more efficient HVAC systems. Our Clean Energy Project Management starts by analyzing your current energy usage along with a full financial analysis of current vs. potential costs, leading to your ROI and long term savings.


  • Usage Analysis
  • Energy Financial Cost Analysis
  • Project Needs Assessment
  • Cost Engineering
  • Set Project Budget
  • Engineering Design
  • Permit Approval Process
  • General Contractor Management
  • Construction Schedule
  • Manage Contractor Proposals, selection and contracts
  • Project Completion Audit
  • Deliver Project On Time, and Within Budget
  • Close Out and Warranty Compliance

To speak with an agent or to begin your application process, please feel free to call 1-866-566-9101 or contact us here.