Church Loan - Information Checklist

The following information will be compiled on any type of church loan application. This information will be requested as an initial package for our preliminary review. If the initial information is satisfactory, we will then proceed with a full loan application.

  1. Please provide the resume and date of birth of the Senior Pastor, along with the current compensation package.
  2. Include a brief history of the church and/or new member brochure.
  3. Include copies of by-laws, Articles of Incorporation, and IRS 501(c)3 Certificate (if available).
  4. Please enclose Income Statements and Balance Sheets for the last three (3) fiscal year ends, as well as an interim statement with current year-to-date information, and a comparable period from the prior year. Please also include a copy of the church’s budget for the current fiscal year.
  5. Please provide the last twelve (12) month’s bank statements. This includes any and all asset accounts (checking, savings, certificates of deposit, securities, mutual funds, etc.)
  6. Is the church currently involved in a capital pledge campaign? If yes, please provide the following information. If no, please skip to question #7. Include a brief description of current or most recent fund raising program in which the church is engaged (including date the program was started, the amount pledged, the original goal of the program, the amount received to date, the amount anticipated to be received, dollar amounts of the top ten pledges, average dollar amount per pledge, and percent of regular contributors that pledged).
  7. Please list the annual amounts given to the church in the most recently ended year by the top five givers or family units.
  8. Please provide a list of all real estate owned by the church in addition to the main church site.
  9. Please include photos of existing facility and/or rendering of construction project.
  10. Include copies of any current or existing appraisals that were performed for the main church site (if available).
  11. If applicable, a description of project being built, include square footage, number of class rooms, number of offices, seating capacity of sanctuary, etc.
  12. Copy of Signed Purchase Agreement (if applicable)
  13. Copy of Signed Broker Agreement
  14. Board Resolution that authorizes the appointed signatories to transact on behalf of, and legally bind the organization.
  15. Copy of Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
  16. Copy of Mortgage Payment coupons
  17. Completed Statement of Information Form
  18. Organization’s Statement of Faith